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About Us

About Nutricore Labs

The story of Nutricore Labs began many moons before the name was conceived. I have always been committed to improving my health and fitness, to feel the best I possibly can and to ensure I have the energy I need to be a great dad to my kids. My aim is to live life in a way that allows me to make a solid contribution and that means I need to be healthy.

I have been heavily involved in sports from a young age and have always placed great importance on what I fuel my body with. My key focus is on credible and reliable scientific research, marrying science with nature, identifying and sourcing natural plant-based superfoods that support peak human health for mind and body.

The purpose of Nutricore Labs is to provide easy access to these products. Our focus is solely on providing products that assist in elevating individuals and the collective to the highest level that is humanly achievable. Most importantly, we concentrate on ensuring these products are safe and ethically produced.

If you would like to achieve greater physical performance, experience enhanced cognitive function or simply have more balanced and consistent moods naturally, we are here to help.

James Saunders

Founder, Nutricore Labs.